Friday, 20 June 2008

New personal best

It's been a record breaking week, sadly only for my commute to work. My 40 minute drive has been extended to:

Tuesday - drive home 1 hour 45
Thursday - drive to work - 2 hours 40
Friday - drive home - 2 hours

Has everyone forgotten how to drive this week? OK, so maybe the diesel tanker that caught fire can't be blamed on anyone, but the rest were crashes blocking the road. Either that or fate is laughing at me after I asked if I could work from home two days a week. This request seems to have sent the powers that be into a tizzy and an answer is unlikely to be forthcoming any month soon. I feel a trawl of the job agency websites coming on...

I did finally manage to enter Waterstone's "What's your story?" competition, a whole day before it ended, although not according to the shop assistant. She took my card as a favour, saying it had finished the day before, despite the closing date on the card. I didn't like to argue, she's probably one of the store judges! I tried to summon up a winning smile instead, no pun intended! There are so many online entries I thought I might have more luck entering instore, and seeing my card in the corner of their shop window would be good!


Lane said...

That's a hellish week of commuting. Can you try your winning smile on the powers that be to let you do two days at home?:-)

If your card is in W'stone's window you've got to take a picture! Wish I'd entered that way. I completely ballsed up my online entry but it was a bit rubbish anyway. I hope you made yours colourful!:-)

HelenMH said...

Commuting is a nightmare isn't it? I've been doing it for years, but hopefully from August onwards I'll be working from home (fingers and everything else crossed). Hope your request to work from home is successful. You can then spend your commuting time writing instead - yey!

KAREN said...

I'm so glad I only have an 8 minute drive to work (just to rub it in!)

I never thought of entering the W'stones competition in the shop...I noticed our branch has got some entries in the window. Tut. Mine was pants anyway!

Debs said...

How long? Crikey I thought my commute of 20 - 25 minutes was tedious. Poor you.

Best of luck with your Waterstones entry. I did mine on line and it was rubbish, but fun nonetheless.

Denise said...

Lane - I shall keep all my fingers crossed that the local folk aren't interested in writing and then they'll be forced to put mine in the window!

Helen - Ooh, lucky you. I hope that does work out.

Karen - I read your post on the day you walked to work (ouch) so that probably makes up for only driving 8 minutes the rest of the time!

Debs - I fear mine is also rubbish (since I left it so late I wrote it that morning...) but it's nice to hope!

Annieye said...

Poor you, Denise. Sitting in traffic is awful, isn't it. It takes me five minutes to drive to my work from home (given no hold-ups). If I set off from home between 8.10 and 8.45 I can extend that to up to 25 minutes. It's absolute hell at the Wickies Park roundabout at that time in the morning. Why do they put school crossings about 15 yards from a rounabout? It just clogs up the whole traffic flow.

Anonymous said...

Poor you! That must be awful. So glad I dont have to do that anymore...(for the moment.)I havent forgotten what it was like though and how tired and grumpy it makes you!!x