Friday, 2 April 2010

Chair phobia

The trouble with a blog about writing, is that it goes a bit quiet when I'm not doing much of it! This problem is about to be rectified though, as I have signed myself up for a couple of agent appointments at the Winchester writers' conference and the fear should get me going again...

Having a bad back which limits the time I can sit down, has rather curtailed my writing for the last few weeks. Knowing I only have half an hour before I'll want to get up has put me off even starting. I think this is more of a mental problem than a physical one, but I have to get started again now. The novel I'm hoping to show to the scary lovely agents is picked to pieces at the moment, and has to be substantially reassembled before I see them at the end of June.

I also need to start planning how I'm going to fit in more of a fitness regime. The physiotherapist keeps talking about Pilates and strong stomach muscles featuring in my future. Stomach muscles? What are these things of which she speaks?