Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I had a wonderful Saturday at Nirvana Spa. There's something about wandering about in flip flops that says you're on holiday, even if you are somewhere outside Reading. Still not quite used to ordering lunch in my dressing gown though. There's something very institutional about everyone sitting around in white gowns. I kept expecting someone to appear and tell me it was time for my operation. I did get a lot of scribbling done though, and I think most of my characters now have some motivations of their own, and I've quashed the pantomime villain.

Whilst all this is whirring around in my head I'm also trying to dredge out the french that lurks within. I've booked a trip to Epernay in the summer, to do five days of champagne tasting. I can't wait! Four of us are sharing an astonishingly cheap apartment and have to make some tricky decisions. The owner wants to know what brand of champagne we'd like waiting in the fridge...