Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Time travel

Hmm, a week seems to have passed. Even work seems to be flashing past at the moment. It's the usual story though. As my social life fills up the writing takes a back seat. The next few weekends look less manic and surely with a 4 day Easter holiday I can get a decent amount done??

Crufts was lovely and I now have an even longer list of breeds of dog I'd love to have but can't. I could still breathe at the end of the day which was a bonus I wasn't expecting. The hotel upgraded us as well, so our room had a walk in shower that could have accommodated a rugby team. The enormous wooden framed bed looked great, but had hobbled both of us by the end of the weekend after we walked into the cleverly camouflaged edges. I have a talent for walking into things. My favourite is door frames, but I'm quite good with low tables as well. I've always resisted the suggestions of going skiing, I dread to think of the consequences...

Right, I'm off to do some writing. I really am. Just need to make one phonecall, a short one, no really!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Food of the gods

Look what turned up in the post! Not just a chocolate fountain but a double one. This is a Christmas present from the lovely Lina in Toronto. We're not exactly punctual with our presents to each other, but getting an unexpected gift in March is great!

I'm not sure I trust myself to fire it up though. I think I might need to wait for a crowd before being let loose on a cascade of flowing chocolate. Maybe with some strawberries, mmmm.

My usual chocolate habit is taken care of by Montezumas. Not content with having a store near where I live, they've opened another where I work. Financially astute for them, all too easy for me! If you get a chance try their chilli chocolate. First you just taste rich dark chocolate, but then you get just a hint of fire. They do a hot chocolate version as well, and no, I'm not on commission.

It seems even my rabbits have their own chocolate now. The pet shop are selling easter eggs for bunnies. I don't think they look like this one...

Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I'm going to Crufts on Saturday. Not so strange you might think, except that I'm allergic to dogs and not especially interested in the main competition... There is reason to my madness. The bit I do like is the large quantity of dogs to ah over and the mad flyball competition.

If you've never seen flyball, picture the maddest, most over-excited border collies you've ever seen. Now add a few shallow jumps and a person at the end of the jumps who throws them a ball to catch. Now add a team of mad collies doing this in turn and you have flyball!

The other attraction of Crufts is the room booked at the lovely Hotel du Vin. I've stayed at a few of their hotels now and they are always gorgeous. Ok, so the one in Glasgow last summer wasn't the best holiday I've ever had, but then is there a good place to be with food poisoning? Not acquired at their restaurant I hasten to add. We never got to try their food, mainly concentrating on the lucozade and the tiles above the toilet in the bathroom...

The picture above is apparently the launch of this year's Crufts. I can't help thinking that Gromit is about to downed and savaged by the pack of dogs.