Friday, 13 June 2008

Lazy blogger

I wonder if there's a lazy blogger award? I must surely be in the running by now. Every time I think of a good topic I never quite seem to get around to writing it. I blame my camera. Lots of these unborn posts require a picture and it's usually too dark in these rainy days (camera takes rubbish pictures in artificial light). Or there's my usual excuse - I ought to be doing some novel writing. I'm beginning to wonder if I only work in extremes. Most things are falling foul of this at the moment, to the extent that tidying up is beginning to feel like a bit of a luxury! Sadly I neither enjoy tidying up or living in a messy house. S remains oblivious to all this, as he'd happily live in chaos. It does mean I'm making progress towards finally finishing "Fickers" but surely there's some balance to be had!

Tuesday was a wonderful oasis in all of this. I can highly recommend a five hour lunch, in the sunshine, with eleven lovely writing friends. I don't think any of us paused the conversation for more than a mouthful of food, or sip of wine the whole afternoon! It's days like that, that stay with you forever and make me realise that writing and getting caught up in other people's triumphs and setbacks is one of the best things I do.

So it's two weeks to my self-imposed deadline for finishing. Nearly there!


Lane said...

I know what you mean! I'm struggling to keep up at the moment. Tuesday was indeed an oasis. We should do it more often!

Keep going. The deadline is nigh! Not that I'm trying to freak you or anything:-)

Anonymous said...

Deadlines. Whose stupid idea was that?

Okay, okay, I'm getting on with it (ducks to avoid pointy stick).

Anonymous said...

Good luck with deadlines! cant wait to hear how you got on.
btw, hope I didnt give you wrong imp of me as I go a bit over the top when I go out!!!(hangover.)Should get out more I guess! X

HelenMH said...

Good luck for hitting your deadline x And here's to the next oasis!

KAREN said...

Mine are good at living with chaos too, but it messes with my head after a while!

Good luck reaching your deadline :o)

Denise said...

Lane - It's even nigh'er now!!!!

Captain - I know, I'm rapidly going off the idea myself. Loooong deadlines, that's what we need!

MotherX - You didn't seem at all over the top to me. Mind you, I had a few glasses myself...

Helen - The next one can't come soon enough, just such a lovely day.

Karen - I know what you mean. I find I have to not look at the mess or it'll get to me in the end!

Debs said...

Your lunch does sound heavenly, I'm most envious.

Best of luck with your deadline too. My red pen is working slower than I was expecting it to (nothing to do with the hand that's holding it of course).