Friday, 12 March 2010

Slight interruption of service...

About 3 weeks ago I took a couple of pictures of my desk, which were going to be the basis of a blog post. Didn't get around to writing it because I had a slightly stiff back, which progressed into a sore leg, which escalated into a shooting pain from my back, down to my toes. Several visits to the doctor later I was introduced to the lovely MRI scanner. To distract you from the confines of the scanner, they get you into the most uncomfortable position possible, before switching on the road digger sound effects. An interesting experience! This discovered the slipped disc, introduced me to some extremely strong painkillers, and finally an epidural which may have done the trick. Although I'm still sore and walk at the speed of my Gran, it's a big improvement!

So, back to the pictures. I was going to write about the alarming quantity of writing advice books I seem to own, and the time I spend reading them, but I seem to have broken that habit (Those are just the ones I was reading, there's a whole shelf...) For the last 3 weeks I've not touched them, and though haven't been able to write much, I have done a lot of thinking. Getting away from the books has enabled me to focus on my story, rather than ways of analysing it. I'm fairly sure I now have it as I want it, and just need to write the bits I'm missing!

So hopefully normal service is about to resume, and I can go back to writing, complete with moisturising gloves and socks... Oh, the glamour.