Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The beautiful, pollenated, outside world

Finally a sunny day! The desperate need for some exercise (well, knowing it rather than wanting it) and the sunshine tempted me out for a cycle this evening. Unfortunately my friend pollen was also out and about and the hayfever tablets have been overwhelmed. I now have a box of tissues and a glass of wine for company. It's medicinal, clears the throat, well sort of.

Blogging has been edged out for the last week by my new toy. I know I really don't need the distraction but brain/sight/word training on my Nintendo DS is good fun! It only takes a few minutes on each and it wakes up my brain for some writing, or a few games of Sudoku... I was threatened with battery confiscation at the weekend due to my Tuesday deadline. I did manage to send in my Winchester conference stuff though so I'm feeling smug/terrified.

Right, I hear the call of the sofa, and maybe some of those ultra balm tissues.


Lane said...

Oh your poor tubes. Sounds like a glass of wine and a balmy tissue are very welcome.

Well done on getting it all off in time! I'm very, very impressed!

I've been borrowing younger daughter's DS - Big Brain Academy - but the results so far show that my brain is very much smaller than hers:-(

Anonymous said...

See you on Tuesday Denise! cant wait! Hope you feel better soon! x

KAREN said...

Hayfever's a real downside of sunny, spring weather. I don't suffer myself, but the children are sniffing and sneezing like it's going out of fashion.

I've never tried the DS training, but I've got friends who are addicted so maybe it's just as well!

Good luck with your Winchester submission :o)

Denise said...

Lane - No,she's just had much more practice on it than you! So far, my brain has been 31, 45, 23 and 70! I had a good day and got it to 23, so now I only do the training and am never re-doing my brain age again!

MotherX - 2 days to go!

Karen - Ooh, I envy people without hayfever! Thankfully the drugs do work (and now I'm humming the Verve) most of the time.

Debs said...

I live on antihystamines, well, not quite of course, but nearly.

I tried my daughter's guitar Wii thing (can't remember the name)& was utterly useless but gave her a great amount of amusement.

Best of luck with your conference submission.

HelenMH said...

Lovely to meet you yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic talking to you on Tuesday! I had a brilliant time! X