Tuesday, 28 April 2009

All thanks to the builder

So I've moved on from 11,500 words to 14,000. Since this has been the work of two lunch breaks, an evening and a couple of hours this afternoon I can't help but feel it should be more! At least the writing gods are with me. At 2pm a very convenient power cut at work meant I got to go home! Many thanks to the building site across the road. I'm assuming they were responsible, although the shops in the high street were probably less impressed. I didn't think I'd get anything done this evening (due to scary football match) but my early exit meant I got some extra hours.

The main time thief over the next few days is likely to be holiday planning. Virgin have some cheap flights to Washington DC (until tomorrow night if you're interested!) and we've been promising a friend in Toronto to visit her for at least the last 5 years. Looks like we're finally going in June. This does mean my final editing before the conference is likely to be done in Canada, but surely that will work...

Sunday, 26 April 2009

I'm blogging again now?

Having taken a slight leave of my senses, I have made 2 appointments at the very useful Winchester Writers' Conference in July. All sounding quite sensible so far? These are with an editor and an agent. Still sounding like a good idea? Now for the more interesting bit. I will be discussing my current novel, the one that's currently 11,500 words long...

So now you've stopped laughing I'll explain. I have to send the first three chapters and a synopsis by June 5th. It has to be finished by the time I see them the first week of July. Maths never was a particular talent of mine, but that does seem rather a lot of words a week. Especially considering this has got to be far from a first draft, but a polished competed work. Nothing like a deadline for motivation...

My state of delusion has led me to start writing about it here too. So wish me luck, or come along for the ride, but I shall attempt to keep this page updated on my (speedy, oh please) progress over the next few weeks. It seemed like such a good idea last week.

Let the chaos begin!