Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Time travel

Hmm, a week seems to have passed. Even work seems to be flashing past at the moment. It's the usual story though. As my social life fills up the writing takes a back seat. The next few weekends look less manic and surely with a 4 day Easter holiday I can get a decent amount done??

Crufts was lovely and I now have an even longer list of breeds of dog I'd love to have but can't. I could still breathe at the end of the day which was a bonus I wasn't expecting. The hotel upgraded us as well, so our room had a walk in shower that could have accommodated a rugby team. The enormous wooden framed bed looked great, but had hobbled both of us by the end of the weekend after we walked into the cleverly camouflaged edges. I have a talent for walking into things. My favourite is door frames, but I'm quite good with low tables as well. I've always resisted the suggestions of going skiing, I dread to think of the consequences...

Right, I'm off to do some writing. I really am. Just need to make one phonecall, a short one, no really!


Anonymous said...

Its hard to make time isnt it? I have the same problem but I find if I havent written or blogged at least, then I get in a very bad mood with myself and start getting all bipolar!
Crufts sound fantastic! I love those Westies and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Lane said...

Glad you enjoyed Crufts and could still breathe:-) We watched it on TV. The owners are facinating:-)

More time. I definately need some of that!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Denise! X

Debs said...

Opps, lost my comment.

I'm always bruised from crashing into desks, so sore.

Thanks for your brilliant comment on my blog, really made me laugh.

Fiona said...

Now you see I shouldn't watch Crufts. It gets me all hot and bothered.
'Where are the undocked dogs?', I shout at poor seal eyed Ben Fogle.

Your poor shins. Hope the bruises are fading?