Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I'm going to Crufts on Saturday. Not so strange you might think, except that I'm allergic to dogs and not especially interested in the main competition... There is reason to my madness. The bit I do like is the large quantity of dogs to ah over and the mad flyball competition.

If you've never seen flyball, picture the maddest, most over-excited border collies you've ever seen. Now add a few shallow jumps and a person at the end of the jumps who throws them a ball to catch. Now add a team of mad collies doing this in turn and you have flyball!

The other attraction of Crufts is the room booked at the lovely Hotel du Vin. I've stayed at a few of their hotels now and they are always gorgeous. Ok, so the one in Glasgow last summer wasn't the best holiday I've ever had, but then is there a good place to be with food poisoning? Not acquired at their restaurant I hasten to add. We never got to try their food, mainly concentrating on the lucozade and the tiles above the toilet in the bathroom...

The picture above is apparently the launch of this year's Crufts. I can't help thinking that Gromit is about to downed and savaged by the pack of dogs.


Lane said...

oooh you lucky thing (not the food poisoning though).
Have never been to crufts but the girls (human ones not dog ones) watch every minute on TV.
A couple of years ago we went to World of Dogs at Earls Court to ooh and aah over all the breeds. It was brilliant fun. Oh and the flyball was fab:-)

Have fun! (hotels and dogs! *sigh*)

Denise said...

I thought the dog variety of girls might watch too?! Am very excited, just hoping I can still breath at the end...