Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Food of the gods

Look what turned up in the post! Not just a chocolate fountain but a double one. This is a Christmas present from the lovely Lina in Toronto. We're not exactly punctual with our presents to each other, but getting an unexpected gift in March is great!

I'm not sure I trust myself to fire it up though. I think I might need to wait for a crowd before being let loose on a cascade of flowing chocolate. Maybe with some strawberries, mmmm.

My usual chocolate habit is taken care of by Montezumas. Not content with having a store near where I live, they've opened another where I work. Financially astute for them, all too easy for me! If you get a chance try their chilli chocolate. First you just taste rich dark chocolate, but then you get just a hint of fire. They do a hot chocolate version as well, and no, I'm not on commission.

It seems even my rabbits have their own chocolate now. The pet shop are selling easter eggs for bunnies. I don't think they look like this one...


Lane said...

Aren't they considerate to open a shop so near you!
Have never tried this chocolate but I like the sound of the chili choc:-)

Chocolate for bunnies? Maybe not in the shape of a bunny, no. Having said that, I'd eat chocolate in the shape of a human:-)

Denise said...

I think you might be on to something there. Human shaped chocolate that you can bite the head off!
I don't suppose my bunnies would really care if it was bunny shaped. The shape of the furniture doesn't seem to matter to them when they eat that.

Anonymous said...

Im on my way to your house right now!!