Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I've been tagged by lovely Lane to list three things you can't explain to your mother. Hmm, here goes.

1 - Mobile phones and the internet, ooh I've tried!

2 - That I'm not an angel, and therefore it's OK if everything doesn't go perfectly all the time.

3 - That the doctor is not too busy, is actually paid to see you and sometimes you should go!

In similar fashion, three things she couldn't explain to me

1 - Why it's important to keep everything, just in case.

2 - Why Coronation Street is essential viewing.

3 - Why patterns on clothes have to line up precisely along the seams.

Three things I can't explain to myself:

1 - I'm desperate to finish this book, so why haven't I??

2 - That getting cross with myself is rarely helpful.

3 - Why I think I'm using the same font, but am actually picking a new one every time!?


KAREN said...

Good answers :o) I can't for the life of me explain those last three things to myself, either!

Anonymous said...

I cant eplain to myself why Im so unmotivated when I clearly want to do something....(WRITE>)...frustrating.

Böbø said...

Hi Denise. I gave Lane the meme so just nosing to see it spread! What a lovely list. The doctor is not too busy! Very funny. And font consistency, why trouble yourself - just let your typographic creativity flow, even it randomly.

Anonymous said...

I d also like to explain to myself why it would be better all around to loose my doom and gloom attitude! Have a nice weekend. X

Denise said...

Karen / MotherX - weird thing motivation isn't it?

Bobo - It's a good meme you've created! I think my choice of font is sadly more random than creative...

Lane said...

I can relate to every single one except the very last one. I think you have a font ghost. He probably wants you to write a story about him:-)