Sunday, 13 April 2008

Glamour wedding of the year

I went to a wedding yesterday followed by a reception in the swankiest marquee I've ever seen. No mere rectangle this, it had a foyer leading into the main room that more resembled the set of a rock video (stole that observation from husband!) The diagonal fabric panels swept up to the ceiling, twinkling with fairy lights. The hardwood floor in the middle was set up in front of the live band. The attention to detail was phenomenal. I dread to think how long this wedding took to plan or how much it all cost! S and I were whispering conspiratorially during the meal that it was a good thing we got married before so many of our friends came along and raised the bar! Each wedding I go seems a little more complicated than the last. Where does it end? I remember being very stressed out arranging a wedding that seems to have been simplicity itself. Where do people find the time? I guess they don't spend lots of time reading blogs...

Did actually manage to do some writing today. I'm trying to perfect the first three chapters since editing the whole thing is going so slowly, this seems more manageable. Also summoning up the courage to hand them over to S for his opinion. We're both nervous about this! I need an honest opinion but I might not take the criticism well! I'd been tempted to finish the whole thing and then hand it over, but now I'm curious to see what he thinks. I guess everyone reaches this stage when they hand it over to a loved one. Did it go well for you or are you still prevaricating
like me?


Anonymous said...

My first attempt went to my friends (no gf/oh I'm afraid) who were quite constructive. I managed to accept the criticisms fairly well, though I privately disagreed with some of them. Fiona was also very helpful with some writerly comments.

One thing I perhaps shouldn't have done, on reflection, is to post the whole story on my web site for the world to see!

Anonymous said...

That wedding sounds fantastic! if I was rich Id love to have a tudor wedding where all guests have to dress up! (I had a boring regist office thing.)
I hope one day to be able to get to your stage at writing, but even showing little things to people tend to get me really defensive and nervous, so I know how you feel in that respect.

Denise said...

Captain - I guess that's the trick isn't it? Put on a brave face, listen and then reflect when you're feeling calm!

MotherX - It was a great wedding! Tudor, now that does sound like a lot of work. If you do become fabulously wealthy and decide to renew your vows in such a fashion invite me along!
Still summoning my courage at the moment...

Lane said...

Sounds like some wedding! Whenever I hear of big weddings I just keep thinking of what I would have spent the money on instead - like travelling:-)

I don't mind handing over work now for appraisal/slating. I think Cloud Line has helped with any initial nerves. Having said that, I haven't let anyone read the big baby yet because it's still in such a state.
Be brave! You don't have to take the advice:-)
Having said that, isn't there some sort of unwritten rule that if three people pick up on the same thing, then maybe you'd better listen!:-)

KAREN said...

My first attempt was handed to friends and family, and they were very complimentary about my efforts, but I don't do that any more, although I do discuss my writing with Lovely Husband. I just don't think loved ones are capable of being properly impartial, and if they ARE critical of your writing, it's tempting to think 'oh well, what do they know anyway??!!'
I prefer to send mine out for 'professional' critique, or to somewhere like the Romantic Novelists Association. You have to pay, but at least it's objective and, hopefully, constructive criticism :o)