Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Tuesday night drinking and thinking

Just been out for dinner at a local pub (I know, blogging after a drink is rarely a good idea, but I've not had too much!) and was amazed at how busy it was on a Tuesday night. We ate in the bar as the restaurant was full. I assumed this was because it wasn't all open, but armies of people then trooped through the bar to both sections of the restaurant. What were they all doing there?
We were there to celebrate an anniversary, which conveniently excuses us from the chaos of Valentine's day two days later, but what about the rest of them?

I caught the odd bit of conversation, terrible eavesdropping habit of mine that I excuse for the slightly shaky reason of being good writing material... There were a few after dinner drinks, a couple of women catching up, a birthday meal out. I can't say what the 60 or so other people were there for. Maybe I've just not been out much early in the week recently. I was worried it would be one of those evenings where you watch the door, desperate for some fellow diners to distract the staff who snatch your plates at the first opportunity. Tonight you had to catch the waiters before they reached light speed en-route to the bar.

I thought pubs were supposed to be falling on hard times? There was news of a brewery closing today due to the trend of people drinking wine at home. I don't think my local could handle an upswing in business, they seemed to be flat out already. Perhaps it was an epidemic of pre-valentine dinners. If the grumbling I heard at work today is an accurate representation, then the male half of the species does not relish the occasion. I was asked, being one of only two females in the building, "what is it with women and flowers?" I'm not that fussed about them myself, since many of them make me sneeze, but I tried to make the case for their long suffering wives and girlfriends (they live with engineers, they deserve something!) I tried to make the correlation between the number, style and quality of the flowers demonstrating how much they cared. I also pointed out that Valentine's day was a key date and would be much talked about amongst their friends. Some of them even looked quite worried. Cruel? Me?


Lane said...

That was a busy night for a Tuesday ( not that I know that much about pubs of course:-)

You're one of only two females at work? Really?

I smiled at the thought of all those men worrying now about the flowers. Their wives have you to thank this year ..... hopefully:-)

Denise said...

28 men where I work, plus me and the receptionist. Nowhere near as much fun as it sounds!

Anonymous said...

You are wicked Denise. But it does the men good to be told! sounds like you had a good time.
Happy Valentines Day!