Monday, 18 February 2008

Guilty as charged

I'm feeling guilty.

Words written last week - 0

Editing done last week - urmm, does dividing it into chapters count? Probably not since I didn't even get all the way through.

Blog entries - 1

Short stories contributed to Cloud line - 0.

Comments written about other people's entries last week, urmm, well.

I can see a very large red pen floating over me, writing out "MUST DO BETTER. SEE ME!"

I seem to been distracted by a large pile of things that need organising. For a start S's 40th birthday in a fortnight, present for same and holidays in general this year. Give me a list of options and I'll lose myself for days in working out the benefits of each and researching them.

This is especially true with holidays. There are websites, guide books, review sites and brochures to keep me endlessly amused with the possibilities. Finding holiday pics to put on here is also quite entertaining! The picture above is one of the scarily large cruise ships that suddenly appeared outside the hotel one morning in Key West. The one that parked right outside nearly gave me a heart attack when I walked onto the balcony. Watching something so massive manoeuvre is spellbinding. So now I'm thinking about going on one. The world's largest cruise ship is launched in April and if the ice rink, mini golf and rock climbing don't keep you amused there are always the ports it stops at...

Gratuitous, if fuzzy, rabbit picture whilst I'm leafing through them all.


Lane said...

I can see I'm going to have to get my pointy stick out and wield it:-)

That ship look incredible. What a way to travel!

Lovely bunny pics:-)

Anonymous said...

Well hopefully next week you will be all fired up as you will have felt so guilty about this week. I had a short story returned determind to send it back out by the end of the week before negative, lazy side kicks in!

Debs said...

Never mind, maybe next week will be twice as productive. Loved the pic of the liner and wouldn't mind relaxing on a cruise. Oh well, no harm in dreaming.