Thursday, 8 May 2008

Sunny weekend!

I'm definitely solar powered. Everything is better in this gorgeous, sunny weather. I was worried I might write less, but the lovely new garden table has tempted me outside with my laptop and only darkness has been evicting me from the garden!

I've been trying to focus on the lovely apple blossom and not the rest of the jungle that makes up the garden. It's very hard not to see the wilderness that needs hacking back but I seem to manage most of the time...

Also there is the distraction of a new, monster bbq this weekend. It's currently sitting in an alarmingly large box in the garage, just crying out to be put together. That's assuming any of the shops have anything left to cook on it! I'm sure there are some burgers at the back of the freezer, but they're not from last year (wet summer that thwarted all bbqs) and they may be an entirely new lifeform by now.

Someone at work offered to read my novel today and I nearly did fall off my chair, no really. I'm not used to other people showing an interest. It's usually people who have to make the occasional polite enquiry (friends and family) or people that write. I'm not finished with it yet anyway but I'm not sure I'm ready for 'work world' and 'writing world' to crossover. Although he's not the type to shy away from telling you what he thinks so maybe he's the ideal reader!

Anyway, time I got back to the garden!


Lane said...

Are you going to let him read it?? Could be interesting!

I think I'm solar powered too. Get much more done in warm weather and I can feel my fingers and toes again.

Enjoy your monster bbq!:-)

Anonymous said...

My friend claims his creativity gets worse the higher the temperature. He writes best in freezing cold winter.

Weird if you ask me.

Böbø said...

Have pity on us therapists, all this lovely weather makes people feel happier all on their own.

Oh, and as for your work chum, go on. What have you to lose? If you ignore dignity, self-confidence, and having your pet project publicly tarnished.

Denise said...

Lane - probably. I'll have one mad day when I think, what the hell, and give it to him. Then regret will set in!

Captain - I have a friend who's planning to move to Canada, mainly for the freezing weather. Very odd.
I just want to curl up and hibernate in the cold.

Bobo - Surely the heat must bring out some people's problems?!

Not to mention friendship, public humiliation if he tells everyone about it, the look of disappointment.... Paranoid? Me?

Fiona said...

Will you let him? Does he write too? Do you trust him? Am I a suspicious old bag?

Love all your trees in blossom. Don't hack anything back!

KAREN said...

Your garden looks lovely! I'm finding it hard not to sit out in ours all day long at the moment.

I wouldn't show your novel to anyone you know. Sooooooo tempting, but I speak from experience. I regretted it. I wouldn't do it again. But that's just me :o)

Denise said...

Fiona - No, he doesn't write, just likes reading science fiction. He's quite a serious chap and my fears about him telling the world that it's a load of rubbish are probably unfounded. Does worry me though.

Karen - That's very interesting advice. I'm trying to think of the best possbile outcome of him reading it, and the potential small ego boost probably doesn't outweight the risk. I think you may be right.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine you feel a bit nervous about it. I def would! Is he trustworthy and wont steal it? Im very suspicious...sorry.
Your garden looks really pretty, no wonder you enjoy writing there.

Debs said...

What beautiful blossoms.

I always have more energy and a better mood when the sun shines. It's raining now though, unfortunately.