Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Seems like the day to start

I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while and today I finally got past the ultimate hurdle - coming up with a title. Today is also the day I go to London to meet up with up a group of people I only know via their blogs and the wannabe chatroom on a Sunday morning. I got some odd looks at work when I told them why I had the day off. I think they rank people who write with those living statues you see in the high street or the mad old lady with 50 cats.

I must admit I got the blog title from one of my rabbits, Humbug. I'm sure Honey will feature in enough pictures on here in the future not to feel too neglected. It also seems appropriate because sometimes I wonder if I really am just writing nonsense. I'm currently editing my first novel which brings the scary stuff that much closer...sending it to agents. Must go and get ready or I shall miss my train!


Lane said...

Hurrah! You're a blogging!

Lovely to meet you today!


Anonymous said...

Loved meeting you! Cant wait to see you again!!

Annieye said...

Brilliant Denise. Congratulations on Writing Humbug blog. It was great to meet you yesterday. Looking forward to our next meet up.